Can Exercise with device Increase Your Penis Size? Size Genetics

Can Exercise Increase Your Penis Size?
( Penis Enlargement Device )

How it works?

Firstly, let’s start by saying that this product really does work. It is a registered Medical Type 1 Device which is clinically tested and approved by penis enlargement surgeons.

The penis is a muscle and, just like any other muscle in the body, it responds well to training. We utilise the force of traction to train and stretch - gradually, safely and painlessly.
The natural effect achieved is one where the penis becomes larger, firmer and able to hold more blood as it gets bigger.In essence, the concept is much the same as weightlifting and the results are equally as impressive and satisfying.

The Biology of penis extension
Constant, gentle, painless stretching encourages the creation of new cells within the Corpora Cavernosa (the area of the penis which contains the blood during erections). The formation of healthy new cells allows the penis to become bigger - and with the resultant increase in the size of the Corpora Cavernosa comes the ability to hold more blood and maintain stronger and larger erections.
We are simply giving nature a helping hand in the area which matters most to you. What’s more, with the SizeGenetics device providing almost 50% more traction than other leading devices, the results are better and faster.
If you would like a guaranteed route to a larger penis which is painless, safe and long-lasting then SizeGenetics™ is the product for you.

Recommended by penis enlargement surgeons, loved by our clients.


There are a lot of myths in the body building industry that specific exercises can help you to improve the appearance of your penis.

Designed to increase your testosterone and HGH levels, DL and squat exercises in particular are rumoured to produce temporary gains amongst trainers.


Yet is there any truth to this myth?

Well it is easy to see why this myth exists…

For starters, there are numerous treatments on the market which claim to increase your penis size, by boosting your natural testosterone and HGH levels. 

By boosting your HGH in particular, this is believed to encourage cell replenishment and growth, meaning your penis too could experience additional gains.

However you can only take such theories with a pinch of salt.

After all, the larger you are physically, the smaller your penis will look in comparison.


So how can I improve my penis size?

Whilst exercising and training won’t do you any harm (in fact, training can improve your stamina levels), we wouldn’t advise using this method alone, especially as your hormone levels are not that simple to control.

To experience real, lasting gains, the simplest way to improve your penis size is to use a penis extender.

Applying traction to the corpora cavernosa in your penis (the tubes responsible for holding blood when your penis is erect), this causes cells to break away from the walls and duplicate.

As these cells increase in mass, they enable your penis to hold more blood, achieve harder erections, reduce premature ejaculation and penile curvatures, but more importantly can add inches to your penis.

In one recent study of 18 men, after wearing the device for 4-8 hours a day over 6 months, the participants experienced average gains of 2.8cm (erect) and 1.9cm (flaccid), which remained months after they completed the study.

And with the right penis extender you can experience similar results.

Commercial Photography

Just make sure before you buy, that they can provide you with the following:
  • Clinical studies – not generic studies, but a clinical study that has been specifically done on their device.
  • Guarantee – the longer the money back guarantee the more confident they are that their device works. Simply make sure it is longer than 6 months (most penis extenders need 6 months in order to achieve maximum results).
  • Quality materials – top penis extenders are made from Medical Type 1 materials and use Comfort Way Technology and MDA Technology to ensure 100% comfort and freedom from chaffing no matter the shape, size, angle or sensitivity of your penis.

Pick the right penis extender and you can experience more than a myth but real, visible gains. Simply remember to do your research and pick the right device for you.

For more information on penis enlargement click here

SizeGenetics™ removes all the risk from buying a penis enlargement device. The method behind our devices has been clinically tested and proven to work, so you can purchase with full confidence that SizeGenetics™ will extend your penis safely and effectively. Read more about our method here

Our money back guarantee promises that your SizeGenetics™ will work for you or we’ll refund you your full purchase price.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


Your safety
Our penis extenders have been clinically tested and have been certified as a medical type one device. Use SizeGenetics™ as instructed and you should never experience an injury.

High quality
Don’t settle for a cheaper, inferior device that can at best, break during use and cost you a small fortune in spare parts, or at worst, seriously injure your penis. SizeGenetics™ is manufactured to the highest standards using the finest quality materials, and every single device must pass our strict quality testing before it is allowed to be sold.

Penis Extension
We firmly believe that SizeGenetics™ is the most effective penis extender device available on the market. We are backed by clinical testing, doctor endorsements, years of research and real user testimonials, proving that it can work for everyone, including you!
You’ll find our money back guarantee really simple, because we believe 100% that SizeGenetics™ will work for you.

Simply use your SizeGenetics™ device for 120 consecutive days (4 months). In the highly unlikely event that you don’t see any increase in the size of your penis (or improvement in the curvature of your penis if using the device to treat peyronie’s/bent penis syndrome), get in touch with us within 6 months of receiving your device to request your refund.

Why do you need to use your device for 120 days?

While many of our customers begin to see gains within the very first few weeks, the speed of results varies from person to person. By using the SizeGenetics™ device daily for 4 months, you’ll be allowing sufficient time for the device to work for you.

To qualify for a refund, we will need to see the following documentation as evidence that you have used your SizeGenetics™ device in accordance with the instructions:

A before photograph and an after photograph of your penis next to a measuring device such as a tape measure or ruler (you must be wearing your SizeGenetics™ device in each photo, and the average traction of the device must be visible).

A diary/log detailing the days and the number of hours you have used your SizeGenetics™ device throughout the four months, including the amount of traction used each time. To qualify for a refund you must have used the device for at least 5 hours daily, at a minimum of 1200g traction, for at least 4 months.

We have made a tool called My Diary to help you keep track of your training – Create and follow your results already today – Click here

To request your refund, simply email your request along with the above supporting documents to

Please note: Every SizeGenetics™ device is disinfected and delivered to you in a sealed plastic bag. Once this bag is opened, your device cannot be returned or refunded unless you are requesting a refund under our money back guarantee terms above.

Choosing SizeGenetics™ is risk free – we guarantee you will extend your penis length (quickly and safely) or we’ll give you your money back!
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